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Hello Everyone!
My name is Katie Rose Norton, and I was born and raised in Alaska. I grew up at a lodge that my parents owned and operated in the south side of Denali National Park, called Tokosha Mountain Lodge. Growing up at a lodge, remote though it was, uniquely prepared me for a life of cleanliness (to the point of driving those I live with to the edge of madness). I am mother to a teenage son, and together we enjoy all kinds of Alaskan activities, things like hiking, camping, fishing and star gazing keep us busy in our off time.  I worked many years in child care as a result of not being able to find a daycare for my infant son that I was comfortable with at that time. Once he was old enough that I no longer had to concern myself over daycare, I turned my sights to opening my own cleaning business! The time I spent in childcare also gave me vast knowledge of where to find germs in strange places, and it turns out, I almost always think to clean somewhere that genuinely surprises and delights my clients! I have now been running my cleaning business for almost 7 years, and have been making leaps and bounds towards expanding to be able to better serve my clients. I have taken the steps to become bonded and insured in order to be prepared for anything that may come my way. I have a list of happy clients from my time in business, and would be pleased to answer any and all questions that you may have. I find a lot of satisfaction in going into a space and making it shine and smell fresh and clean. It makes me feel as though I have done something really positive when my clients come home, or back to the office, thrilled to be entering a space that has been rejuvenated in their absence.
I pour my energy into doing the best job that I can do, to make sure that your day is better as a result of my day.
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I Take My Cleaning Seriously...

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P.O. Box 49
Sutton, Alaska, 99674

Providing service to Sutton, Palmer, Butte,  and Wasilla 

Pouring my energy into doing the best job that I can do, to make sure that your day is better as a result of my day!